Why Do Men Cheat On Beautiful Women With Ugly Women ?

There are women out there who strongly believe that beauty and looking good is what will carry them through life regardless of anything else such as intelligence and ambition. Some gorgeous women out there believe it or not, have the brain activity of a fruit fly while the rest are not only gorgeous, but also possess intelligence, – yet again and again, both groups of women may get cheated on all the same in the end.

When a man cheats on his wife or girlfriend with another woman who is considerably more attractive than his girlfriend or wife, the rationale behind it is much clearer (even though it is a jerk move on his partl). -However, when a man cheats on his wife or girlfriend with a significantly or slightly unattractive woman, it leaves some room for debate.

At times you may be puzzled whenever you hear of these cheating men with perfectly beautiful wives or girlfriends. Then when you finally have a glance at the so called ‘other woman’ and observe her strong resemblance to Chewbacca’s skanky aunt or distant female relative, you may also have to scratch your head in disbelief and try to understand the rationale behind it all .

It’s a question that many women keep asking ‘ Why do men cheat on beautiful women with ugly women ?’  Truth be told, there are two reasons for this:

1. The man in question is the man may be a lying cheating scumbag by nature, who will cheat any chance he gets as long as he doesn’t get caught.

2. He feels that there’s something missing from your relationship that he can get from somebody else.

Cheating Scumbag:

This is the man who’s head spins like the propeller on a speedboat each and every time the female species shows some leg, a collarbone, cleavage, even a dazzling smile (at times not even directed towards him).

This type of man will cheat on a beautiful woman with a less attractive female any day everyday! – after all he is like a dog chasing everything in sight, and never satisfied with what he’s got, he is a mainstream shopper, always thinking that there has got to be something out there much better than what he has already got .You are better off letting him know he should lose your number and then just leaving him in the clearance isle if he’s looking to buy more for less!

The Searcher:

This is the kind of man who will cheat on a beautiful woman with a less attractive woman due to the fact that he feels there is something missing in the current relationship, that he can get or  is trying to get somewhere else with somebody else.

A searcher can cheat for reasons different from a regular cheating scumbag.  At times a searcher may cheat due to the fact that he may feel inadequate with the woman he is currently involved and in a relationship. with.  For example, a man making less money than his girlfriend or wife may cheat with a less attractive woman because the other less attractive woman makes him feel more masculine or treats him in such a way that allows him to feel as being more of a provider, protector and the man he was meant to be.

Independent career women beware : At times, a woman may have gained her independence and in the process unconsciously taken the role of the man in the relationship just by making more money, which leads to her taking on more responsibilities and being overly in charge. This is risky as it may cause problems if any woman thinks that she can do it all and isn’t willing to step down and let the man be the man in the relationship.  In this case, a man may search for the kind of woman who will let him lead and take charge without all the drama and conflict.

A searcher may also cheat on his wife or girlfriend because he feels unappreciated and even at times simply ignored.  For example, work may consume the working career woman and she may forget her relationship altogether due to being overwhelmed by her work, a busy mother may become so vested in taking care of her young children that she forgets to keep up the effort required to maintain her husband’s attraction and captivate his attention e.t.c

Emotional and overall support may also be lacking in a relationship, this can lead to the man who is the searcher to venture out of the relationship and be with somebody who may be in support of his dreams and aspirations, emotions e.t.c  At times the less attractive woman in question may also be much more open on a sexual level than the beautiful woman, hence leading the at one time committed man astray.

These are the two main reasons men may cheat on beautiful girls with so called less attractive or ugly women.  In many cases it’s usually due to the man himself being nothing but a psychological cheating and manipulating scumbag always on the lookout for more. Other times even a perfectly good man may cheat given the situation/ moment and along comes the right type of woman.


  1. HurtingLove says:

    If those are the two reasons why a man cheats….then he needs to go!

  2. my husband just left me for a 50 year old mutt….I am 39….I am no Miss America but I have a college education, morals, beauty and intelligence, this woman is a barfly fat ugly, has black teeth and doesnt work….I dont get it…..Im assuming he left because he is an alcoholic and I am not and we didnt get along well whereas she is so she “understands” him…….thats the only solution I can come up with….its really sick if you ask me.

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