NO ROMANCE WITHOUT FINANCE! Why Smart Women Should ONLY Date And Marry Financially Stable Men

What’s wrong with a woman wanting a financially stable man?  Whenever a woman wants to live a higher lifestyle, the thought itself is always been demonized. As a woman, you become labeled a money hungry gold digger if you want to marry the surgeon instead of the high school guidance counselor or teacher !

Many people will ask you ‘What about marrying for love ?’  Let’s face it, love is great without a reasonable doubt it one of the best things you can have if you’re with the right person. Being in love can feel like heaven. But are you really going to give up your freedom (it’s the first thing to go when you’re broke) in order to settle with a boy or a man because he is cute or good looking ?

Picture yourself 10 or 15 years from now (if you are still together that is) and envision yourself still super excited to receive his text messages….hmmm I doubt the excitement will still be of the same degree.  The truth of the matter is passion fades over time, so do not make decisions that could affect the rest of your life because of undying passion or lust.

Rich guys are always jerks (WRONG):

The rich guy has always been portrayed as the asshole devoid of any emotion, cocky and overly arrogant who will play you and cheat on you; – this is ultimately the man you want to avoid. The poor man has in a majority of ways been portrayed as being caring of your feelings, funny, romantic and overall having a heart of gold. This is nothing but pure Bu%Shit! Why? Because jerks come in all sizes, every ethnicity, economic situations, creeds, e.t.c

He makes me laugh but he has no money :

Jokes aren’t funny anymore when that financially unstable man isn’t making ends meet. How funny can a man be if you are constantly living up to your nose in debt and back on the rent or mortgage as well as past due on all of your bills! We will see how funny the same man is when you face eviction or when the bank sends you a letter of repossession after he can’t make the rent or mortgage on the required deadline.

Before you decide to give yourself  and settle with a financially unstable man ask yourself :

  • Will you still be laughing at his sense of humor when you (and possibly your children) have to read by candle light because you were unable to pay the light bill for the month?
  • Will his jokes still be funny when you have to line up at the welfare office each month in order  to collect your cheques.
  • Will his great sense of humor and good looks still suffice if you have to scrape together every single penny in order to afford formula and diapers for your baby ?
  • Do you ever picture yourself in the future being bothered that you will never get the opportunity that others get to just take off on vacations and relax on a warm sunny beach?
  • Are you okay with renting all your life and never being to afford a house of your own ?
  • Will you be okay living a lifestyle of paycheck to paycheck and never having any money in your savings in case of any emergencies?
  • Are you okay having shouting matches at 12:00 a.m about money and specifically the lack of it ?
  • Are you okay with your children wearing hand me downs and forever shopping at second hand stores because other choices are not in your reach ?
  • Will you be okay having to take public transportation (riding the bus) for most, if not all of your life ?

If you answered no to any or all of the questions above, perhaps its time to evaluate your future with any men you may one day choose to involve in your life and carry on relationships with.

The kind of man/men you choose to interact with will affect your future

There are a lot of  things that women give up by marrying a man of a certain financial position in society.  At the time, it may not seem apparent that your life can drastically change just by choosing to marry or have children with a certain type of man, in the moment you may be so in love and think that love is all you really need (sadly love never paid one single bill ), I am all for love don’t get me wrong, but you also have to be really reasonable if you intend to fair well in your future.

You should run from any man without a plan for his life:

Financial instability is at times inevitable, a man could lose his job, get fired, laid off e.t.c but what sets him apart from the rest is his ambition and willingness to persevere.  Any man who has a lack of ambition (meaning the urge and plan to better himself) should be COMPLETELY avoided altogether.  How can you expect to even relate to such a person if you as a woman want to accomplish certain things in your life and all he want to do is settle in all aspect of his life and not do a thing to change his situation.

For example, how can you expect to positively interact and deal with a man who has given up on life and intends to remain at the same low paying job, a man who chooses unemployment, a dropout without any other plans for his life unless you include sitting in front of the computer/TV watching movies or playing Xbox all day long.

Ambitious men are where its at

To me the most attractive men are ones with ambition, men who know that they were put on this earth not just to breathe the air, but to make themselves better, to achieve things, build things, invent things and overall be productive and contributing members of society.

If you also happen to be a woman who wants to accomplish great things in life, it only makes sense to choose a partner that also wants to do something in life, better themselves e.t.c

If you are ever going to be motivated and compelled to achieve great things in life, it only makes sense that your partner has also achieved great things in life or intends to achieve more in life through his action (note: you will also come across a man/men that talk, talk, talk about what they want to achieve, but if they aren’t taking the steps required to get there, they are just dreamers who live in a fantasy world)


  1. Great post. Nice to finally read a post from a woman who doesn’t preach the “all you need is love” nonsense, a practical woman with a sensible head on her shoulders.

  2. Assuming the woman in question is financially stable herself and has “ambition” for future goals then sure it makes sense for them to look for a mate with a similar perspective. However, when someone calls a woman a gold digger, it’s usually true. This is true in the sense she herself wants a mate that she’s financially dependent on – especially for the “finer things in life”. When someone with a minimum wage job is looking for and only for someone to support her financially, she becomes a gold digger.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher, as you would imply there is. A better article would be about when a man who is actually financially stable – say, the teacher doesn’t want to compromise his financial well-being with a gold digger that can’t support herself. You may not want to hear it but writing off all teachers since they’re not surgeons because you want to live a “higher lifestyle” makes you a gold digger.

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