Naughty Things To Do In The Bedroom: How To Talk Dirty In Bed

If you are wondering how to talk dirty in bed or perhaps you’ve run out of fresh and exciting ideas that are sure to make your partner hot and bothered. I will give a few pointers here for those who need a little help in unleashing their inner sensual tiger behind closed doors .

How to Talk Dirty in Bed Tip #1 : Start off by making up a fantasy story for both you and your partner, one that the two of you can bring to life right there in the bed. After you’ve got your story right, start playing out the story one detail at a time, take it slow and remember to switch roles as this will allow you to take on different characters as you go along and act out your naughty side of the story.

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How to Talk Dirty in Bed Tip #2: The next time you climb into bed with your partner, make sure that you give him a sensual massage, don’t go too long and end it with a sensual yet emotionally charged kiss. After you finally have his attention, go ahead and give him an intimate kiss mention something naughty and dirty like ”I’ve been such a naughty girl, I want you to bend me over your knee and spank me.” This should get his heart rate up and prep him for more dirty talk later on.

How to Talk Dirty in Bed Tip # 3: Surprise your partner when he least expects it, simply dress up in something very naughty from your favorite lingerie store. Its important that this naughty piece of lingerie or costume be something he has never seen before. Surprise your partner once he is all settled in bed and have him choose which item to take off first. Since you will be undressing bit by bit, let your partner be a part of it by adapting a sexy sultry voice and every time you take off a piece of clothing, make sure to tell him which piece you are taking off ex: ” I am now taking off my bra,” etc.  Explain to him out loud what you would like him to do to you after you’ve taken off the pieces you want to take off.

The above examples consists of some of the naughty things to do in the bedroom, however, they are merely the tip of the iceberg! Guess what, there’s more where they came from simply check out the Dirty Talking Guide for more naughty tips and examples on how you can talk dirty he won’t be able to resist you ! Not to mention dirty talking can add more spice to your relationship or revive a relationship that’s on the brink of boring and routine !

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