Top 10 Reasons Why You May Be Beautiful But STILL Single!

You may be asking yourself why am i still single ? After all, you have sat down and watched as other ‘less attractive’ people hand in their single person’s card in exchange for a better future, one that doesn’t include Friday nights in front of the TV watching reruns of your favorite old school TV shows on TBS, CBS or Lifetime.  So you are the classic single gal wondering: I am beautiful after all, so why am I still single ?

You could be beautiful, yet still single for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

1. You are too picky

Does your ideal date really have to be a carbon copy of Ryan Reynolds or whichever celebrity you seem to be infatuated with at the moment! Having unreasonable expectations, when you yourself may even rank below average in the looks department isn’t the best way to go…- Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should welcome any warm blooded man that crosses your path or buys you a drink with open arms

…Just saying, keep your standards reasonable and work with what you have. What’s wrong with a man who is a gentleman at all costs, has a good steady job? If he can make you laugh and doesn’t have a shady past, even better!

2. You’re a mean person who doesn’t get along with anybody

Ever met a man who enjoyed being put down at all costs and made to feel like a good for nothing loser who can never do anything right at all costs!…-If you’ve ever met a man who loves being put down and made to feel like S%Hit he might be lacking something… balls!

Truth of the matter is, not too many decent, self respecting men are going to stick around a mean spirited, selfish, conniving woman for long…Soon enough, he’s bound to see your true colors and split, congratulations, you are now officially single, keep up your mean spirit and you may soon have a house full of cats,- and be known around town for being the ‘cat lady’.

3. You’re too hard to please

This particular observation could also relate to point number 1. Being too hard to please can get in the way of establishing a relationship of any sort, ask any man out there and they will tell you that satisfying a woman’s needs in and out of the bedroom as well as in other areas of life gives them a great sense of being wanted, needed and appreciated.  Have you ever been met a person who loved the thought of being  ‘not good enough’ ? ….Chances are a big fat NO…Point proven.

4. You’ve dated the entire city and have now run out of prospects

In this case, it’s wise to pack up and move to another city. If you have a bad reputation, it’s best to just start a new life elsewhere and make sure your old habits die…otherwise history will repeat itself. If you can’t date because you’re afraid your date will discover you’re under the witness protection program you obviously have bigger issues to deal with at this point.

5. You’re way too nice

Everybody likes a challenge and you’ve shot this one to hell if you are always too nice. Life is unfair and kindness isn’t always rewarded with kindness, instead it may be rewarded with: ‘I think we should see other people’ or ‘I don’t think this is going to work’.

How can you prevent being too nice without crossing the line and becoming a jerk ? Always let the other person know your limits, remember that you also have dignity and this means you have to stand up for yourself if you have something to say!

6. You come off as desperate

This can also be linked to point #5, being too nice can at times be mistaken for desperation, it never works to most people’s advantages in the dating life, or in life for that matter.

If you’ve been single for a while, you really need to put a check on your desperado meter as it can sometimes go haywire and start malfunctioning, meaning you will do whatever it takes not to stay single.

Keep in mind human beings are wired to want what they can not have and if a man or a woman thinks that you are easily available and as a result present no challenge, they are more likely to just skip along to the next high demand person who isn’t always available at their beck and call.

7. You’re one tough cookie

This is the entire opposite of point #5. Do you really need to lay out all your high expectations on the first few dates. Past relationship experiences may have made you into the tough cookie you are, but you need to remember to let the past remain in the past and be able to realize that not every man or woman is identical to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Being a tough cookie may render you difficult to impress and after a while, one can only take so many bites from a tough cookie before moving on to a nice warm, delicious soft and fresh baked cookie!

8. Overly accomplished and not afraid to let others know

Do you really need to keep reminding everybody you go on a date with that ‘by the way, I have my  bachelors degree from Stanford, as well as an MBA and law degree from Harvard!’  Being over accomplished and bragging about it can come off as a bit over the top, arrogant, plus how many people can really measure up to such! …Take your childhood advice; ‘after all, nobody ever liked the kid at school who bragged about everything all the time.

9. You lack personality

Have you ever watched a turtle cross a 9 lane highway? How many people can describe this as an exciting event! …Well same applies to you if you lack a good personality. Having a very limited personality usually makes you boring person.  Most people, both men and women are NOT usually attracted to potential love interests who lack confidence or a personality for that matter.

Remember  you could be the best looking person in the room, but if you have the personality of a fruit fly, then not too many people will stick around.

10. You’re too shy

It’s normal to feel nervous around the person you like, however being too shy can keep you single for a long time and is a great way to ensure you stay single.  If you’re too afraid to make a move, you will always wonder ‘what if’ as you watch the person you liked or even loved find somebody else to share his/her life with…all because you were too chicken to do anything that would let the other person know you were interested !

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