How To Talk Dirty and Drive Your Man Wild – Series #1

How can I talk dirty to my man and drive him wild ?  This is a question you may be wondering about when it comes to talking dirty in and out of the bedroom.  In order to learn how to talk dirty and drive your man wild, keep reading to find out more hot and saucy ways to rev up his engine with some dirty talk !  The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty provides a few tips on how to make your man wild with desire just by making use of words in and out of the bedroom.

Talking dirty to your boyfriend…

If you need to overcome the biggest hurdle in talking dirty, you will need to get rid of the confusion you are sure to feel by embarking on the path to foreplay bliss. You can start off by asking yourself ”what does my boyfriend, fiance or husband want ?” and you can also ask yourself ”do i need to know how to talk dirty to my partner ?”. You will need to also come to terms with your comfort level and that of your partner by knowing what could be deemed as going too far and how to adjust your dirty talk accordingly.

How can you tell if a man will be open and accepting of dirty talk? If he has dropped some hints or even participated in dirty talk with you, then you have an idea as to what he wants and just how raunchy he likes it.

But for the beginner who isn’t sure where to go from here, the whole idea of dirty talk can be intimidating to women. If you are new in talking dirty, the best way to start out is to start slow and flirt ! Read more on how you can start talking dirty without feeling uncomfortable in The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty.

You need to show your lover just how much you really want and desire him, try by slipping a sexy note into his pocket or briefcase, perhaps you can stick a post-it note in his agenda, to do list, steering wheel of his car etc. Just make sure that the naughty note is short, sweet and to the point. Try something in the lines of – ”I really loved how you handled me last night”- then let his imagination run wild. Send him an email at one time during the day and try saying something more flirty, but not overly too much such as : ”I really like the way you kiss me.”

He will likely write back and somewhat encourage you to talk some more about it, and you should! Never hesitate to let things get a bit steamier. ”I love the way you breathe when you do that thing you do,” is a great line that is sure to keep his mind wondering: Just how do I sound when I breathe? And what’s that thing I do exactly?  This is what will get your man to think about the way you two make love, and what you want him to do exactly. In The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty, the book speaks about the connection between effective dirty talk and its impact on sex…After all, the main point is that you want your man to think about having sex with you and the more he thinks about it, the higher the chances are that he is going to want a repeat performance with you.

dirty talk
Set the mood…

Whenever you’re in the bedroom, or in the mood for that matter, test out your dirty talk by trying other things besides words. Try communicating by moaning, groaning and releasing sighs.  You need to show the man what you want and what you like by breathing seductively and let your body guide you – use his hand and show him where you want him to touch you, and how to touch you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have had sex with your partner, having such an obvious desire is what will bring your desire and his to a new level.

After you’ve moaned and sighed to get your point across (I’m horny for you and I want you), start talking more about your body and most importantly his body. Caress his shoulders and let him know just how strong and powerful he feels. Let him know of how small and dainty you feel right next to him.  Men love to feel as if they are protectors and it’s a big turn on to highlight and flatter him to this fact.  Finally look at him straight in the eye and make him breathless by asking, ”How much do you like it, big boy? Want more?”

Let him talk dirty to you…

Making your man talk dirty will serve a great purpose, not only will you get to know what kind of dirty talk he like, but he’ll also help you both to get turned on much faster. Some men can get carried away and others tend to get especially raunchy, so if a man makes you blush while talking dirty, don’t be afraid, turn red and do nothing about it!- counter his raunchy words with sexy words of your own.

If you are wondering how to talk dirty and drive your man wild, you’re on the right track so far ! Work by building up the tension on dirty talk until you  say things you would never in the light of day say. If your man is taken back a bit, you may just have shocked him, so find the words he loves to hear and stick to those words instead ! Every man is different, so if your man love hardcore dirty talk, the sky is the limit if your man loves overly raunchy dirty talk! Go for it!

Want to learn more ways about how to talk dirty and drive your man wild with desire ? Visit the Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty for more hot and sexy tips that are sure to drive him wild !

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