He Doesn’t Love Me : Top 6 Signs That a Man Is Just Not That Into You

Women somehow always think that they have to over-analyze and assign an excuse towards the obvious. A woman and a man have been dating for a few months when suddenly he stops calling her. Its been over a week and she’s confused about what went wrong because in her mind so far the relationship was going so well. She has tried calling him, but he never answers his phone, after a while, when she tries to phone him, her calls go straight to his voice-mail – to which he never calls her back of course !

he doesn't like me

It’s been 2 weeks and her nerves are on edge. She knows something is wrong, but deep inside she’s somewhat still in denial. So what does she decide to do?  She decides to bring it up to her friends and to ”discuss” the issue at hand.  Usually – well actually 9 times out of ten, the conversation goes like this:

”I’ve called him like 10 times this past week and he hardly ever calls me back and the one time he’s called me back, he keeps the call short and acts like he doesn’t want to be bothered!!”

”Awww you know he’s probably busy with all the work/studying/traveling he has to do”  replies one of her friends.

”Besides you guys are so cute together, I’ve seen the way he looks at you girl! He is just busy, trust me he’ll come around”. Chimes in another friend.

and so on and so forth the little white lies of comfort from her girlfriends continue.

The obvious truth, is that most women do not usually want to come to terms with the fact that  that the man they’re with, isn’t as smitten as they would like him to be.  For the majority of women, the denial is so bad that you want to just hand them the man manual He’s Just Not That Into You while also screaming at the same time ”CAN’T YOU SEE, THE SIGNS ARE ALL THERE, YOU NEED TO READ THIS”  !

So how do you know if a man doesn’t like you or isn’t smitten with you as much as you thought he was? The following are some of the top 10 ways you can tell if a man is just not that into you :

1. He is PDA Phobic…But Only in Public

He is the super affectionate guy…but only behind closed doors ( where he usually can’t seem to get his hands off you). Once you’re in public, its a whole other different story. For example, whenever you’re out in public, and you reach out to hold his hand, he may back away and even avoid all physical contact.

2. He Doesn’t Want To Let You Into His Life

You haven’t met his friends, even though you’ve been seeing each other for months now. You’ve been dating and he doesn’t even bring you around to basic events such as his best friend’s birthday party, -even though you went ahead and bought a brand new outfit and new shoes.

Did he really forget to invite you?…Or does he really even want you there to start with? A man acting this way, may just be keeping you separate from his friends as he doesn’t see you being around long term… or he could be in the process of trying to upgrade you!

3. He Doesn’t Make Plans With You…Until The Very Last Minute

If a man needs a very small window in order to finalize plans with you, then he is just not that into you! If your man leaves it until the very last few remaining days confirm he will be attending your important event ; – or worse yet, if he leaves it until the last remaining hours, it could mean that he doesn’t place you as priority on his list. Men who behave this way will only let you down over and over again, and are highly unlikely to commit to you and your relationship any time soon.

4. He Checks Out Other Women…Right In Front of You

You’re out on a date, at the movies, grocery store etc. and he fully checks out other women! I mean its one thing to have a look at a shiny object, but its an entirely different thing to come back and buy the shiny object.

5. He is Super-glued to His Phone…24/7

He takes his phone everywhere he goes and I mean EVERYWHERE as in he takes it with him whenever he’s taking the trash out, to the washroom etc. Chances are if he is acting this sketchy with his cell phone,  he could be hiding something…or someone he doesn’t want you to know about. If a man values you and your relationship, he will try to show you by being as open and transparent as possible. A man who cares about you will have no need to hide anything from you.

6.  He Won’t Introduce You To Family

You’ve been dating for months now, however he has yet to introduce you to any family he has, this includes cousins, nieces, nephews etc. As a matter of fact his parents were in town twice in the past two months and both times he ”forgot” to bring you about to meet them. Ladies keep out an eye for any man who won’t introduce you to the people that most likely matter the most to him in his life. Chances are he may just be using you for sex and he does not see any long term commitment or future with you.

7. He Introduces You as His ‘Friend’

You’ve been dating for months and he still introduces you to people he knows as his ‘friend’, or just by your first name. He doesn’t introduce you as ”my girlfriend”, ”my girl” etc. You are only known as ‘my friend’…If this is the case, he’s just not that into you and at this point he hasn’t claimed you as his, simple as that.

8. He Tells You He Doesn’t Love You

This is the definite and SUREST way to tell if a man doesn’t love you. Not very many guys are going to tell you straight to your face that they do not love you. Why ? Because it a little too harsh and most guys know that it will for sure hurt your feelings or lead you to behave in a way that is completely out of character. If a man tells you he doesn’t love you, chances are he MEANS IT and he’s just not that into you !

If a man ever tells you that he doesn’t love you, do not try to soften the blow by telling yourself that in time he will finally bring himself to love you. In most, – if not all cases, it is highly unlikely that a man is going to change his mind after such a direct and vocal statement. It’s likely time to move on and bid him adieu…that’s if you truly believe you are worth being loved and also deserve better.

Remember It’s up to you to decide if you deserve a man who’s going to love and appreciate you and its also up to you to decide if you are worthy of a stand up guy who’s going to be there for you, one who is going to be open and transparent with you, care about you and most importantly love you, protect you. Ultimately the final decision is 100% up to you.

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