Dirty Talking:Write A Naughty Dirty Love Letter – Series #3

Have you ever thought that you should write a naughty love letter ? Writing a naughty letter is just as hot as talking dirty! As a matter of fact your words are much more likely to flow out onto the paper than if you were to speak them right away. This method is especially beneficial if you are just a beginner and think that you would feel a bit awkward talking dirty too soon. Writing a naughty letter is a great way to start, – plus you can always adjust your methods whenever you feel comfortable to amp up your naughty mind.

So what do you do after you say your dirty naughty words ?

If you’re happy with the naughty sexy words that you’ve written on paper for your boyfriend or husband, then its time to seal it with something he’s bound to remember every time he thinks of you. Spray the paper very LIGHTLY with your favorite perfume, use a sexy scent and one that you know he loves…then make sure to seal it with a kiss…It’s time you wait patiently for a reply and imagine his temperature going through the roof as he reads your naughty letter. Just follow these 101 Dirty Talking Examples to get more ideas of more dirty talk that you can personalize and use for your own and his benefit.

dirty talk

There’s usually a good reason for whenever a person decides to talk dirty through a letter, for this reason alone, you will need to make sure that your words count. This is especially true if you know that you won’t see your man right away.

A sexy and hot letter left in his briefcase or placed somewhere visible in his car isn’t a bad idea at all. If you want more tips about how to talk dirty and get back the excitement you may have lost in your relationship, you can get more ideas with Talking Dirty: Naughty Bedroom Secrets .

Tips for talking dirty to your man…

Warning: dirty talking could drastically improve your sex life!

Make sure its somebody you trust

Tell your man what you want, what you like

Tell him what you would like him to do to you

What you would love to see him do to you once the two of you are alone !

If you want to participate in dirty talking, the style of dirty talk that you love is really up to you and your relationship with your man. It can range anywhere from medium, moderate to downright raunchy. What you choose to say is up to what makes you more comfortable and its all your own business in what you choose to do. Just make sure that your words flow well together so that you are able to accomplish your goal, which is to get your man’s temperature up and his mind filled with naughty sexy thoughts. If you think that its time to take your relationship back, then the Ultimate Guide For Talking Dirty is not a bad way to start getting more ideas on how to be naughty and add sparks to your relationship !


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