Dirty Talking On The Phone: How To Talk Dirty On The Phone – Series #2

Lets Get To Talking Dirty On The Phone

Talking dirty on the phone is a very big business! When it comes to dirty talking, to say the least; people are paying very good money for it at all times. Out of all of the places that you can talk dirty to your man, doing it over the phone has got to be one of the simplest ways to do it.

If you happen to be nervous, it’s always much easier to do this when there’s no face to face contact. Get rid of any inhibitions that may be preventing you from getting down to business with your man. It’s important to be comfortable and free in order to appear natural not rehearsed.

Take your dirty talking to another level !

Tell your man that you’re touching yourself, this should get his motor running. Make sure that you moan a few times, whisper in a sexy husky voice and most importantly, the way you deliver your naughty message is everything !  The more your man is able to feed into it, the more you will find yourself getting comfortable with whatever it is you’re saying and the more likely it is that you will let yourself get comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.  When the time comes to refer to your body pars (i.e breasts, butt or genitals) use the words that you are most comfortable with.

There are a lot more naughty words to choose from that’s for sure! If you’re running out of naughty things to say why not try The Dirty Talking Guide for more inspiration and great ideas!

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