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Professionals May Like the LinkedIn Dating App

Many young professionals say they’re far too busy to spend their nights prowling the bars in search of people to date and that’s why online dating has become such an incredibly lucrative business. But a whole lot of those same professionals are completely turned off by many of those popular dating sites and have no […]

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The Perfect Time for an Outdoor First Date

Spring is a happy and hopeful time when love is in the air and single people’s thoughts turn to dating someone new. It is the perfect time to get out there if you’ve been in a dating slump, take a risk and ask someone for a first date. And, once you’ve secured that first date, […]

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Relationships & Marriage

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Stop the Nagging or Controlling

As we settle into the dynamics of a long-term relationship or marriage, behavior patterns can develop that might not be the most constructive or helpful, and we might not even notice we’re doing it. When one person tries to always get the other person to behave the way they want, for example, it can go […]

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Don’t Let Life Problems Become Marriage Problems

Remind me, why are we all so anxious to grow up and become adults? No one warns you that when you’re an adult life is full of an endless series of problems that you have to face and solve with little to no whining. Okay, maybe adults actually warn kids of that very thing ALL […]

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