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Is the Mystery Gone From Dating?

Many of us have somewhat begrudgingly accepted that much of the old-fashioned manners are gone from dating, likely never to return again. That’s not to say we all approve of the loss of chivalry from the men and coquettish flirtation from the women. These days the dating scene is whole lot more direct, to say […]

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The All-Important Second Date

When you’re single these days meeting a really great person can seem like a huge accomplishment. So once you’ve met them and either asked them out or accepted an invitation to go out, a whole lot of importance is placed on that almighty first date. What will you wear? Where will you go? What will […]

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Relationships & Marriage

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Blending Your Religions for the Wedding and Beyond

These days it’s often not nearly the major deal it once was for two people of different religions to get married. Although, that really depends on which religions you’re talking about and exactly how devout a person’s family might be. In certain faiths and cultures it’s still forbidden to marry someone who practices a different […]

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Stop the Nagging or Controlling

As we settle into the dynamics of a long-term relationship or marriage, behavior patterns can develop that might not be the most constructive or helpful, and we might not even notice we’re doing it. When one person tries to always get the other person to behave the way they want, for example, it can go […]

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